Learn to play or sing the music you want in music lessons designed just for you.

It's simple and fun!

At IMA, we teach a comprehensive array of instruments. We are fully dedicated to teaching music lessons in Brisbane and our school network is growing. We believe we can take anyone, from any walk of life and, as long as they have a passion for music, teach them to play.

So if you fancy something different? How about learning the saxophone, trumpet or another wind instrument?

Playing the sax or trumpet is simple. It's a natural way to use your body's muscles to produce beautiful music. You just need to know the best way to go about it and we can teach you from our three Brisbane locations.

It's loads of fun! Don't let your music playing dreams die out on the vine. Join us at IMA and play the music you love!

Try an Intro Lesson!

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You’ll be surprised at what you can play if you give yourself the chance!

Please head over to our contact page for a no obligation, introductory lesson. During your visit at the Academy, we will assess your abilities. Once that’s done, we will show you what to expect from your saxophone or trumpet lessons. IMA will help you unlock your musical potential. Join us today!

Play the music that you love

Your saxophone or trumpet lessons will be for half an hour once a week. During your music lessons, we will show you the easiest and simplest way to play. We’ll then help you apply that knowledge and turn you into a proper saxophonist or trumpeter!

If you would like to play the music you love, we can make it happen.

Saxophone and Trumpet lessons include:

Beginner Saxophone lessons

  • Holding the instrument
  • Breathing exercises
  • Playing the notes
  • Basic Music Theory
  • Scales

Advanced Trumpet and Sax lessons include

  • Playing in a band
  • Improvising
  • Reading music
  • Writing music

Our mentors teach the following styles

  • Jazz
  • Ska
  • Rock
  • Blues
  • Classical
  • Funk

Whatever music you want to play. It’s achievable!

Learn with real musicians and masters of their craft!

At IMA, are mentor instructors are trained saxophonists and trumpeters who have had professional careers in Jazz, Ska, Rock, Blues, Classical or Funk Music? They understand that you will have special needs and they’ll want to help you play the music that you want to play.

If that sounds like a sax or trumpet lesson you are interested in, simply head over to our Contact Us Page and we will organise a no obligation, introductory lesson for you.

Weekly one-hour saxophone and trumpet lessons are available on request!

Get started now. We’ll book you in for a no obligation introductory lesson so that you can experience music mentoring first hand.