Piano Lessons Brisbane

Fun piano lessons where you’ll learn from accomplished musicians. Play the music you love and learn from those who love it too!

Why Independent Music Academy For Piano Lessons Brisbane?

Looking for piano lessons Brisbane? We specialise In any style of piano lessons at IMA! From classical to techno, from Mozart to Schubert to Harold Faltermeyer to Jean-Michel Jarre… If it has black and white keys, we’ve got you covered!

Playing piano should be simple and easy. Piano lessons at IMA help you to learn to play piano quickly in the simplest way possible.

NOTE: Piano lessons and keyboard lessons are the same sort of lessons. Again… If it’s got keys…

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Do you want to play the music you love?

Do you want to learn to play piano for my own enjoyment?

If you answered yes… We agree! We shouldn’t be forced to play music we do not like and at IMA, that simply won’t happen.

If you are a complete beginner, you’ll need to be patient. It will take a while for your hands and fingers to develop the coordination needed to play. Your early piano lessons Brisbane will be focused on developing your skills. You’ll then grow into the piano player that was hiding in you and learn to play the music you love.

To achieve your goals, you will need to practice on the keyboard or the piano a few times a week. The more time you find to spend practising, the sooner you will play with confidence and ease.

During your introductory piano lesson at IMA be sure to let your mentor know why you want to play the piano. This will help us tailor the lesson to what you want to get out it. IMA's piano and keyboard lessons Brisbane (as with all our music lessons) are about enjoying the journey of learning to play the music you love.

At IMA our Piano lessons Brisbane will teach you what’s required to play the music you love! We offer piano and keyboard lessons in multiple Brisbane locations.

If you would like to play Jazz or Rock or Classical or simply learn to read music; then you’ve found the piano school for you!

Your piano lessons will be immerse and richly packed to suit your learning style and your abilities. Lessons will include theoretical music knowledge, scales and modes, chords, chord reading, chord voicing, as well as common chord progressions and transcription (learning to play by ear).

You’ll want to spend time some time every day with your piano to internalise all of your new-found piano playing knowledge.

During your introductory piano lesson, make sure that you let your mentor know about where you want to play piano. (Perhaps you’re looking to play in a band or in a small ensemble, or you just want to do it for yourself.) No matter what your motivation is, no matter what your ability, we’ll help you achieve your objectives. Be sure to bring examples of the piano music that you would like to play. We’ll help you get there!

Do you live far from Brisbane? Try our online music lessons!

Do you want to play piano for a living? Do you want to be the best piano player I can be? If your answer to either question is "YES", then you’ve come to the right music school.

We can teach you to play the piano to the standard required to be a working musician – online!

Naturally, you’ll need to be committed and put in the practice time daily. Your mentor will make sure that you don’t waste time with techniques you don’t need. Through our online piano and keyboard lessons, they’ll make sure you progress as you would in a regular classroom.

Our mentors teach to a professional standard; online or offline. Make sure that during your first introductory piano lesson, if you’re wanting to play professionally that you mention this to your mentor. They’ll in turn structure your piano lessons Brisbane to help you achieve this. Together you will plan your practice time to gain a sound understanding of your instrument and playing techniques. You’ll then develop your aural skills and the required theory to become a well-rounded pro. From there our staff will help you focus on developing your skills so that you can learn to play the piano or keyboard to an extremely high level.

Who will you have your piano lessons with?

IMA piano and keyboard mentors have been carefully chosen for their high technical standards and their musicality (not all piano players have both).

They will be your musical guide and will help you get the results that you want as quickly as is possible!

If you’re ready for a great piano lesson – one designed exactly to suit your needs – give us a call on (07) 3852 1116 or head over to our Contact Us Page to send us your details. We will then organise an obligation-free piano and keyboard lesson for you.