Drum Lessons Brisbane

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Drum Lessons Brisbane

All musicians know that the drums and percussion section are the backbone of every great band. Here at Independent Music Academy, we take the same structured and proven method of teaching music and apply it to the drums to teach you the necessary skills to be a great drummer.

Sail your musical journey with drum lessons Brisbane. If you have the desire to take up drums and percussion (or any other instrument for that matter), you'll gain the skills to achieve your musical objectives. The mentors and staff at IMA can teach you at our three venues across Brisbane.

We can teach learners of any age or level – from kids who have never played any music to adults looking to learn a new skill. Perhaps you've played when you were younger and want to bring music into your busy life. No matter your starting point, IMA can help you reach your goals!

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Become a better drummer

Beginner Drum Lessons

We teach correct posture, how to hold the sticks and how to read simple sheet music. You’ll learn how to count and keep in time, and the basics of playing with a rhythm section and a bass player.

Intermediate Drum Lessons

Here we progress your skills and start to look at individual musical styles. In your first few lessons, we will pair you up with one of our mentors. They will work with you to develop a practice routine for your particular needs.

Meet The Mentors
Learn to play the drums at Independent Music Academy

A unique approach to drumming

At IMA, we will develop a unique program for you so that you can develop the right feel and drumming technique required. We will also develop your ears to listen to what is going on in the band and to allow you to respond accordingly.

Upgrade your skills with the help of drum lessons Brisbane. During your lessons, you will be given exercises to practice by yourself. It is vital you have access to drums or practice pads to maintain your progress and achieve your goals.

We teach all the primary styles including:

Rock Drumming

At the core of modern-day drum styles, rock's drumming style is economically. In our lessons, you'll learn to maintain a steady rhythm throughout complex pieces of music. Some of the greatest artists in this style are: John Bonham (led Zeppelin), Ginger Baker (Cream) and Simon Philips (Big Country, Judas Priest).

Reggae Drumming

Originating in the 1960's in Jamaica and made famous by Bob Marley and the Wailers. It later made it into the mainstream by artists such as Stuart Copeland of The Police. Reggae has a more spacious and delicate style than Rock. It also requires a particular feel for the timing to get the groove and rhythm of the music right – which is where we focus a lot of our efforts in our classes as well as the main rhythms and beats.

Metal Drumming

Metal is one of the most intense and physically demanding styles of all music. Often the drummer is both physically stretched while playing, using both feet and hands at the same time. Complex timings also stretch the drummer's mental capacity. Our metal lessons focus heavily on the bass drum, cymbals and quick snare blast-beats. As metal drumming is very physical, practice and correct posture are key to ensure you won't injure yourself while playing. Our approach to metal drumming is the focus on the fundamentals. We slowly build up speed and repetition at the speed needed to play metal drumming. Some of the greatest metal drummers on the planet are who inspire us are: Danny Carey, Vinnie Paul, Chris Adler, and Mike Portnoy.

Jazz Drumming

Jazz is one of the most technical of all of the drumming styles because of its complex time signatures and graceful feel. It forms the musical backbone of many great rock drummers such as Ginger Baker, Cozy Powell, Steve Gadd and Jeff Porcaro. To master jazz, drumming takes a lot of discipline very good timing and technique, and the ability to improvise. There are many amazing drummers who specialised in this style such as: Buddy Rich, Tony Williams, Matt Roach and many more.