Learn to play or sing the music you want in music lessons designed just for you.

Not just your everyday music lessons

Independent Music Academy offers a unique music mentoring service. It’s not just learning. It’s a program designed for you to make you a better musician. We take the time to find out what you want from your music lessons. What you want to learn. The style and type of music you love… We then break that down to a form you can easily digest and teach you how to play or sing it.

Everyone knows that kids are teachable. At IMA our unique skill is that we have mastered teaching adults and kids. It does not matter whether you have picked up an instrument before or not, or if you are a professional who plays a few weekend gigs and wants to push your music to the next level.

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Not just everyday music teachers

Our staff aren't regular music teachers – they are also musicians. They are skilled in many music genres, including Rock, Jazz, Metal, Country, Classical, Reggae, Funk, Gypsy and Irish music.

They are also mentors – meaning that in your music lessons they won't simply impart information and expect you to work it out by yourself. They will help you identify your musical goals and then help get you there as fast as you can go.

Meet Our Team

"IMA's staff really do work with you instead of working at you. That's the difference between IMA and every other music tuition I have ever experienced."


27 years old

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What we teach

IMA offers music lessons in Brisbane to teach you to play an instrument or learn to sing. Your introductory lesson is where we take half an hour to get to know you, what music you like to listen to, what sort of music you would like to learn to play and where you would like to play it.

We'll also discuss what topics we'll cover in upcoming lessons and give you an idea of how much practice you'll need to do to learn to play (or sing) the music you love.Your lessons can cover a variety of topics, including learning physical technique, mental technique, improvising, writing, transcription, and of course, playing the music you love.

Jam Night!

Want to rock out? Why not sign up for our monthly Jam Night. Every month our students and teachers take to the stage to bring the house down in a fun night of music for the whole family.

  • Get on stage with our house band and students!
  • Put into practice how far you have come!
  • Jam Nights are held every month
  • Ashgrove Venue
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