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Over the years, have done many different workshops in many different situations. Some where about specific genres of music, some were about music theory, some were about particular pieces of musical equipment. Some were about guitar playing, some were about singing and some were about performing and songwriting.

We’ve always had a lot of fun at our Workshops and we always received excellent feedback from participants.

One day we suddenly realised that we didn’t need to wait for special events to put on our workshops, we could put them on regularly at our own premises in Ashgrove.

In the coming months we will be conducting regular workshops on guitars, guitar playing and technqiues, guitar equipment, different styles of guitar playing, singing workshops, performance workshops, fingerstyle guitar workshops, singing for specific genres, how to sing distorted, dealing with stagefright, how to run a band rehearsal, how to run a PA, Pro-Tools workshops, home recording workshops, improvisation workshops, jazz workshops, blues workshops, drumming rudiments workshops, percussion workshops…. and there will be lots lots more.

These Workshops will all be one off events that are open to the general public, which means if you see a topic that you are interested in, you can just pop along for that workshop only.


Check out our great Performance Workshop and get ready for Jam Night and IMA Concert.

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