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"I have found all the staff very helpful and extremely positive in helping me reach my goals within music"
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David Baker

39 years old

Project Manager

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Image from an IMA Bass Lesson Brisbane

About Us

The academy: IMA began in 1996 as the Brisbane Independent Music Academy. Since that time we have strived to provide the best individual music tuition in Brisbane and South East Queensland. We believe that everyone can play music, and we want to make playing music a daily event for the majority of Australians.

Our staff: We go to great lengths to find highly trained and motivated staff to work as Mentors at IMA. Our staff are all players, not just teachers, so they can offer our Clients a wealth of practical experience.

Meet Our Mentors

Our directors: Andrew Farnham and Seamus Kirkpatrick have been with IMA from the beginning. Their goals for music in Australia and their deep understanding and love of music have been the basis of IMA education policy for the last 11 years. Their tireless work to incorporate their unique teaching and playing philosophies and past teaching and performing experiences into every class given at IMA are what sets IMA apart from other music schools.

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