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IMA’s staff really do work with you, instead of working at you. That’s the difference between IMA and every other music tuition I have ever experienced.

17 years old
Website Editor

What has impressed me the most about IMA is that I’ve been motivated to really get involved and experiment with music, not just to learn the instrument. It’s because of this guidance that I have started to write my own music and a whole new world has opened up to me. I’ve found that at IMA my mentor can almost always answer every single question I throw at them. And if they can’t, they find out for me. I am constantly impressed by my mentors experience and helpfulness in all areas of music; not just my instrument.

William Isdale
15 years old

Having been a student of Independent music at its creation some 10 years ago, and having returned 12 months ago to pursue further musical pursuits, it is a pleasure to find the passion and commitment of Andrew and Seamus to uncompromising standards of music mentoring, has remained undiluted by their business growth. I can see the high standards they set for themselves at the inception of Independent Music reflected in all the teaching and support staff. Their vision remains true and my experience with them on matters of business demonstrates a solid commercial discipline, rare to small business, that will ensure their ongoing success. Independent Music is much more than teaching you to play an Instrument, they are encouraging the growth of a musician, something they truly believe exists in each and every one of their students.

Shane Bliss
37 years old
Commercial Furniture Consultant

I have been taking clarinet lessons from Seamus/ IMA for several years now and find them a pleasure to work with. They are very passionate about their music which carries through to their teaching. They are always cheerful and very helpful in their methods as to imparting technique and knowledge about your instrument. Their “mentoring” is borne out in practical terms to their pupils. I would recommend them at all times and for all age groups.

David Ireland
Age not given
Retired Accountant

I have been attending music lessons for some 18 months now with IMA and in particular focusing on guitar. I have found all the staff very helpful and extremely positive in helping me reach my goals within music. I have during past years engaged other musicians / institutes for training and although helpful, in my view point IMA are streets ahead in all aspects. I have learnt you are never to old nor musically tone deaf to learn an instrument (ie – guitar),which has been an unattainable goal until now through hard work , practice and the right teacher. I can throughly recommend this music business , (and have already done so), to anyone and I will be continuing my lessons with their support for some time into the future.

David Baker
39 years old
Project Manager

Coming back to music after a huge break, I have been really encouraged and assisted by Seamus and his colleagues at IMA. Playing informally in a band with a group of like minded friends, I have benefited enormously from taking lessons at IMA. I’d recommend IMA to anyone regardless of age or expertise.

John G.
50 years old

Being a mature aged student of the guitar (I’m 50) and being a tax professional with precious time to spare for practice, I sought someone who could provide me with continuous inspiration, expert guidance, and most of all patience, in order to achieve my musical goals. For the last 5 years Andrew and IMA not only gave me all this but helped me to set realistic milestones along the way; all within a framework that develops a technical palette to enable creative composition. And there are great opportunities to have my 5 minutes of fame twice a year at the IMA concerts.

50 years old
Tax Professional