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"I am constantly impressed by my mentors experience and helpfulness in all areas of music; not just my instrument."
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William Isdale

15 years old


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Singing Lessons Brisbane

Singing Lessons Brisbane

We specialise in your style of Singing lesson at IMA

Why Singing Lessons?

Singing should be simple and easy. Singing lessons at IMA help you to learn to Sing the quickest and simplest way possible.

Singing lessons are important because as Singers, it is very easy for us to hurt our instrument and maybe even do serious damage to our voice. Singing lessons educate us about our instrument and help us to be sensitive to the damage we may be causing.

I can't even hold a note, can I really learn to Sing?


If you can speak you can sing. Singing is just about learning to use your Singing muscles, the same muscles that you use to speak.

At IMA we have developed special exercises for people who have trouble even holding a note, or hearing that they are out of tune.

You will have to do daily work to learn to Sing if you have trouble with pitch - you need to forge new connection between your ears, your brain and your singing muscles.

But you can do it!

During your first free Singing lesson at IMA, make sure you let your Mentor know that you have trouble holding a note and especially let them know if you are on a deadline! Perhaps you have to sing at a special event or you really want to join your friends singing karaoke.

At IMA our singing lessons will teach you what you need to learn to sing!

I'm Singing in a band or semi-professionally and I want to be better at what I love.

Your singing lessons will begin with you learning about your singing instrument - Anatomy, Stance and Breathing as well as an understanding of singing health and looking after your voice.

Then we teach you some special vocal exercises, these aren't designed to help you to sing louder or higher. They are designed to help you to become familiar with and sensitive to your singing instrument. Once you have developed this sensitivity you will be shocked at how quickly your voice develops!

During your first free Singing lesson, make sure that you let your Mentor know about where you Sing (perhaps you sing in band or with friends?) and where you feel you are having trouble with your voice. If you can bring some examples of your music or the music that you would like to sing that would be great too!

I want to Sing for a living. I want to be the best Singer I can possibly be.

Well the news for you is all good!

Great Singers aren't born, they are made. If you can make the daily commitment and spend the time that you need to with your voice, your IMA Mentor can help you to unlock the potential of your voice.

Whatever style of Singing that you want to find success in, the fundamental technique is the same. Your Singing lesson will cover the exercises and techniques you need to discover your natural voice and improve your pitch, range and resonance. Once you are confident with your natural voice then you make the stylistic changes that are appropriate for the vocal music that you write or the vocal music that you want to learn to Sing, whether you want to learn to Sing Rock, learn to Sing Pop, learn to Sing Jazz or R'n'B, or maybe learn to Sing Music Theatre or Metal!

You will explore the repertoire appropriate for your style of Singing and IMA can also provide you with performance opportunities so that you can learn to use your voice on stage.

Becoming a professional Singer is a lifestyle choice and requires great dedication and time, but you can do it, and we can help you.

During your first free Singing lesson, let your Mentor know that you want to Sing professionally, they will help you to understand what you need to do and what to expect as you progress in your Singing lessons.

Who will you have your Singing Lesson with?

Seamus Kirkpatrick is the head of our Vocal department at IMA. He is an excellent singer who can rip out a Led Zeppelin tune as well as an aria (well... not a lot of arias), he can sing pretty much anything and has broad taste in vocal music, you'll find he's a fan of Solomon Burke, Bon Scott, Marvin Gaye, Anthony Warlow, Bruce Dickinson, Bobby McFerrin, Tony Curtis, Mike Patton, Tom Waits, Maynard James Keenan... the list goes on.

Seamus has hand picked local Singers and they undergo constant training to develop and refine their Singing Mentoring skills.

Check out Seamus's playing in the videos located around the IMA site and at YouTube.

If you're ready for a great Singing lesson - one designed exactly to suit your needs - give us a call on 3852 1116 or head over to our contacts page and send us your details - we'll organise a free, obligation free Singing lesson for you.

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