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Name: Simon Gardner
Teaches: Guitar
Has Been making Music for: 37 years
Has Been Teaching Music for: 25 years
Education/Qualifications: Started Guitar at Brisbane Grammar School in 1981 – Musicians Institute, Hollywood California 1990
– Cert IV TAFE Training and Assessor
– Rockschool and AMEB Guitar Examiner.
Inspired by: Dreams, the elements of nature, the spirit of energy, love and the universe. Rick Purdie, Charlie Byrd, Al DiMeola, Led Zeppelin, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani, Dave Gilmour……too many to mention!!
Loves Teaching Music because I love sharing my passion for guitar and music…itʼs my life and my livelihood and if there is a guitar in my hands, I am usually never too far away from being happy :-)!