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Piano Lessons Brisbane at Independent Music Academy

Why choose Independent Music Academy for your Piano Lessons?


Looking for Piano Lessons Brisbane? Playing Piano should be simple and easy. Piano lessons at IMA help you to learn to play Piano the quickest and simplest way possible.

*Piano and Keyboard lessons are the same sort of lesson.

I want to learn to play the Piano for my own enjoyment. I want to be able to play the music that I like.


You shouldn’t be forced to play music that you don’t like. If you’re a complete beginner you may have to be patient while your hands and fingers develop the coordination that you’ll need to play the music that you love, but your Piano lessons should be focused on developing the skills you need to play the Piano music that you want to play.

You will need to get to the Piano a few times a week and have a play, the more time you find to spend at the Piano, the sooner you will play the music that you love!

During your first free Piano lesson at IMA, make sure you let your Mentor know about why you want to play the Piano, what you want to get out of your Piano lessons and what Piano music is the music the you most enjoy.

At IMA our Piano lessons will teach you what you need to play the music you love!

I would like to play Jazz or Rock and learn to read Fake Books. I might play in a band and I want to be better at what I play. I also want to be able to use chords more effectively and to improvise.

Your Piano lessons will be a little more involved. Your lessons will involve theory knowledge, including modes and scales, chords, chord reading, chord voicing and common chord progressions and transcription (learning to play by ear).

You will want to spend time daily with the Piano to integrate all of your new knowledge into your playing.

During your first free Piano lesson, make sure that you let your Mentor know about where you play Piano (perhaps in a band or in a small ensemble), what style of music you would like to learn to play (e.g. Jazz or Rock) and where you feel there are gaps in your knowledge and technique. If you can bring some examples of your music or the music that you would like to play on the Piano that would be great too!

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I want to play Piano for a living. I want to be the best Piano player I can possibly be.

The news for you is all good!

You can learn to play the Piano to the standard required to be a working musician.

You just need to be committed and put in the daily time. Your Mentor will make sure that you don’t waste time with techniques you don’t need and they have all the information that you need to be ready to gig!

Just make sure that during your first free Piano lesson, you let your Mentor know that you want to learn to play to a professional standard – in your Piano lessons they will help you to structure your practice time, to have an excellent understanding of your instrument and playing techniques. They will help you develop your aural skills, teach you the theory you need and help your focus so that you can learn to play Piano to an extremely high level.

Who will you have your Piano Lesson with?

IMA Piano Mentors have been carefully chosen for their high technical standards and their musicality (not all Piano players have both).

They will be your musical guide and will help you get the results that you want as quick as is possible!

Head over to our Bio page to check out our Mentors.

If you’re ready for a great Piano lesson – one designed exactly to suit your needs – give us a call on 3852 1116 or head over to our contacts page and send us your details – we’ll organise a free, obligation free Piano lesson for you. 

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