IMA was formed by a number of Brisbane musicians in 1996 (including Andrew Farnham and Seamus Kirkpatrick), and over the years Andrew and Seamus have developed a unique teaching style based on a few core principles.

Everyone can do it.

That’s a very simple truth. We believe that everyone can make music.
In other parts of the world, everyone makes music as part of a household or other social group.
In our society, non-professional sports people aren’t afraid to have a social game of cricket, or football. Why do you have to be a professional musician to make music?

It should be easy.

Playing music shouldn’t be hard. It should be easy and (heaven forbid) fun. If it’s really hard then you’re doing it wrong, or doing the wrong stuff.

Mentors should cultivate our clients’ internal and external awareness.

It’s very easy for teachers to focus on the external achievements of music making (fast notes, perfectly in time, winning the competition etc).
While IMA is concerned with the external achievements of music making, our Mentors also cover internal aspects of music making.
Internal aspects of music making, which include focus, relaxation, discipline and self-expression, can often be the key to unlocking musical potential.

Everything should be small and quickly achievable.

It’s best to learn things in small digestible chunks that you can’t choke on (or fail at).

Clients need to see people who can do it. Mentors need to show how it can be done. Clients need to believe that it can be done.

This is why IMA only employs Mentors who can play. (And we’ve got pretty high standards when we assess whether or not someone can play).

Everyone should feel that they can express themselves through music.

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