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Learning music is something that everyone can and should do.

Here at Independent Music Academy, we have 20+ years of experience backing us up when we say that if you want to play music, we know that you will be able to.

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Beginner Music Lessons Brisbane

If you’ve never played before, we can definitely help you. When you’re starting from scratch it pays to have the very best teacher. You’ll acquire the best technique which means you’ll play better, sooner.

We teach the music you love! There’s no better music to learn than the music you’re passionate about. We’ll make sure that you’re playing songs you love as soon as you can play a few notes or chords.

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Intermediate Music Lessons Brisbane

You’ve been playing for a little while, but you’re feeling like you’re not progressing. We can help get you moving forward again with structured lessons and experienced mentors who have been where you are, and know how to get you out of that rut.

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Advanced Music Lessons Brisbane

At Independent Music Academy, we have mentors who have played everything from big festivals and national tours, live to air radio, commercial recording sessions, to small venues and cafe gigs. We’ll be able to help you get to the level that you’d like to be at, or into the tertiary course you’d love to attend.

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Independent Music Academy offers the best Music Lessons in Brisbane. We hire only the best players and teachers and then train, mentor and provide them with the best teaching material written by industry professionals.

We strongly believe that everyone can and should play music, and we’re yet to find anyone that we couldn’t get playing music. If you’re looking for Music Lessons Brisbane, then Independent Music Academy is the place to be.

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