At Independent Music we believe that your quickest and most satisfying progress will be made with individual music lessons.

In an individual music lesson, your Mentor can help you to learn to play or sing exactly the sort of music that you love. You Mentor can spend more time with you correcting technical or physical faults in detail, as well as offering you a safe place to explore improvisation and writing.

You can also spend your individual music lessons working towards specific goals tailored just for you. Perhaps you would like to perform for your family or with friends, or make music at one of our regular Jam Nights or Concerts.

Also when you have specific questions that need answering (even if you may think they are silly), then your Mentor is there with just the right answer to your particular question.

We would love to help you to make music in an individual music lesson tailored just to you.

Please go to our Contact Page to get started.