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"I have benefited enormously from taking lessons at IMA. I'd recommend IMA to anyone regardless of age or expertise."
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Group Lessons at Independent Music Brisbane

Music can be the most fun when you get to make it while you hang out with other people.

Sometimes it can be difficult to make the commitment to Individual Lessons and you just need to know the basics, as quickly as possible and for a bit less cost.

Group Lessons are $120 for 4x 1 hour lessons held once per week.

At Independent Music we want everyone to be able to have the opportunity to experience the expert mentoring and guidance that we are renowned for. So we have decided to introduce Group Lessons!

In Group Lessons you will cover the basics that you need to get going on your instrument in an enjoyable group situation full of beginners (mostly adults) just like you.

If you need an instrument we are also able to sell you the best entry level instruments at the best prices, with special discounts available for our Group Lesson clients. See our range of guitars at our online music store

Within a month you will have all the basic knowledge that you need to allow you to make music and perhaps even play or sing some of your favourite songs.

If you have always wanted to make music, but were unsure how ready you were to make a big commitment... wait no more!

Group Guitar Lessons are up and running now! Use the Contact Page or call 3852 1116 to book yourself in for the next course.

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