One on one mentoring or beginner group lessons.
We’ve learnt from over 24 years of teaching experience that one on one classes are the most effective way to learn music.

However many people want group lessons as they prefer to learn in a friendly, social setting. As a result we’ve created excellent beginner group lessons designed to get you started from the complete beginning, as well as offering the best quality one on one music mentoring available.

Our Mentors are all performers, and can offer the wealth of experience afforded a genuine player.

We take the time to listen to what you want.
Do you like rock or jazz?
Do you want to perform at home for friends or at a music venue for an adoring public?
No matter what your goals, we will take the time to listen to them and then help you formulate a plan to get there as quickly as possible.

Our Mentors undergo training when they begin at IMA, then become part of the IMA mentoring community.
If one of our Mentors is having difficulties motivating a client or communicating a lesson, they can contact our entire staff simultaneously for advice and guidance.

We work with music that you like and that you want to play. You’re not being forced to be here, and if you don’t get to play music that you like, what’s the point?

IMA will help you with goal setting, time management and focus. These three skills are crucial to being able to progress with your music, and we can help you with them too.

Would you like to know about prices and location and stuff like that?
Read our FAQ!