Jam Night at IMA

IMA Jam Night

We’ve recently relocated out Mitchelton studios to our new Ashgrove location. Since the move, we’ve been running the IMA Jam Night from this great new space.

IMA Jam Nights are a excellent way to get used to playing in front of a friendly and supportive crowd. You’ll also learn some great skills that you just can’t learn playing at home.

Get The Most From Your Practice

Why Should I Perform at Jam Night?

Playing at home is different to playing in front of people. There are some things that make playing surprisingly different at first.

For example, generally, you’ll be standing up to perform. If you’re not practicing standing at least some of the time, it’s a good habit to get into. Your posture will be different (and probably better).

You have to practice performing while staying calm. Everyone gets nervous playing in front of people, it’s completely normal. Learning techniques from your mentor to help you relax when performing will make you a better all-round musician. (Check out our upcoming IMA Performance Workshop)

Playing with a band requires some additional skills:

When you play at home by yourself, you don’t have to listen to anyone else except for yourself. Listening to others is an absolutely critical skill to improving your musicianship.

Learning to listen and respond to the group you’re playing with takes performing to a whole new level. It makes it even more fun and exciting.

When you’re playing with a group, you’ll have to manage your volume. It’s best to set it so that you can just hear enough of yourself to get by, and no more. That takes a bit of getting used to, but it’s very worthwhile.

Performers who are louder than everyone else just so that they can hear ‘more of me’ are rarely popular. They also can’t hear enough of the other performers to interact in any meaningful way.

Use Your Ears

Use Your Ears

You’ll learn to listen on three levels:

  1. Listening to yourself, making sure that you’re not being too loud. Confirming that what you’re playing makes sense.
  2. Listening to the band so that you can respond to what they’re doing.
  3. Listening like an audience member. Learning to listen like you’re not involved in the making of the music. Hearing the way that everything is interacting. Also ‘noticing’ things that you’d like yourself to change in that context. This is the most important of the three listening skills to work towards.

It’s also important to learn how to recover from mistakes. We all make them, the trick is not to be put off by mistakes. To remain relaxed and to not stop and if possible not to let anyone else know that you made a mistake.

The other thing about jam night is that you get meet people who are learning just like you. It’s great to be able to discuss the musical journey with people who are both further along, and less so than you are. It really gives you a great perspective on where you’re at and where you can go. It’s also nice to be able to give and receive some support and encouragement.

You get to play with and experienced professional band. The mentors at IMA are all seasoned performers. Getting to play with more experienced musicians always helps lift your own playing level.

Where is it held?

At our IMA Ashgrove studios. Parking is out the back accessed through Harry street.


What should I know?

Jam nights are fun! You get to perform with a really professional band in front of a group of supportive people.

You should be able to play along with the song you’ve chosen from start to finish without stopping.

How often do Jam Nights happen?

Once a month on the second Friday of the month.

How do I book?

  • Head here: https://www.independentmusic.com.au/jam-nights.php
  • Choose a song from the song list.
  • Click on the ‘buy a ticket’ button (tickets are $5 for performers and audience members alike).
  • Pick a date (Jam nights are the 2nd Friday of the month)
  • Fill out the form and purchase your ticket. You should be able to add the names of the songs you’re going to perform to your ticket details.
  • If you’d just like to come along to watch (recommended for your first jam night), please purchase a general ticket.

IMA Jam Nights are great fun. We’re looking forward to seeing you there!