Starter Guitar – Beginner Guitar Lessons in a Group

We’ve had a lot of requests for Beginner Guitar Lessons in a group format, so we’ve tailored a short course to get people started on the guitar in a friendly social atmosphere. It’s four, one hour lessons once a week. We’re starting with a group on Thursday the 1st of September at 6:30pm at our Bowen Hills studio (19 Campbell Street Bowen Hills).

If you don’t have a guitar, we’ve carefully selected a range of beginner instruments that are the best quality for the price. Whether you want to start on electric guitar or acoustic  we’ve got a package to suit your needs.

As teachers, we want to see people with an instrument that sounds good and is easy to play. So we carry only pre-selected lines that we’ve tried ourselves and we believe to be the best quality that we could find for the price.

Always wanted to play guitar? Now’s your chance. Head to our beginner group guitar lessons page to check out the details and get started now.


Check them out here:

Beginner Guitar Lessons

Axe-Fx II News

Hello Everyone!

We’re expecting a small amount of Axe-Fx II’s at the end of this month and more a few weeks later, then more again in October.
Fractal Audio are getting Axe-Fx II’s to us as soon as they can, there’s just ben a few hold ups with production.

We’ll be contacting people on the waiting list as soon as we have a confirmed shipping date.

Price to be announce very soon.

Brisbane Guitar, Amp and Vintage Show

The Brisbane Guitar Amp and Vintage show is coming up this month on the 21st and 22nd of May. We’ll be there doing workshops and demoing the Axe-Fx and Atomic Amps so please pop in, say hi.

More details can be found here:


Axe-Fx Firmware 11.0

Firmware upgrade 11.0 for the Axe-Fx Standard and Ultra sounds awesome. If you haven’t already, head to: and upgrade now.

Axe-Fx II Waiting List




We’re being inundated with Axe-Fx II enquiries and as yet, we don’t have a definite due date or price for the Axe-Fx II.

If you’d like to be kept up to date with all of the latest news on the Axe-Fx II, please sign up for our Axe-Fx Waiting List here:

and as soon as we have news, you will too!

The Axe-Fx II has arrived!

The Axe-Fx II

The countdown has ended, the news is out. Fractal Audio Systems have create an amazing new product, the Axe-Fx II. With 2x the processing power of its predecessor and USB connection as well as a headphone out, its all of the things we’ve been hoping for in a new box.


Check out for details. Australian prices and availability to be announced.

Axe-Fx II

Fractal Audio Countdown

Fractal Audio are counting down to a big announcement.

What could it be?

Axe-Fx Controls

Speculation is rife on the Fractal Audio Forums as to what this new “Big Announcement” could be, check out the link above to see what every one is guessing it could mean.

Axe-Fx in the news with Dead Letter Circus

Dead Letter Circus in Guitarist UK

Axe-Fx in the News with Dead Letter Circus

Axe-Fx in the News with Dead Letter Circus

My First Time now on iTunes

Please get in and support the Brisbane Children’s Hospital by purchasing the single ‘My First Time’ on iTunes. Everyone is trying to get the song to number one on iTunes for today, so every sale helps.

My First Time

We wrote the tune for B105 and listeners have contributed lyrics and vocal performances to the track. It’s an awesome community effort.

Brisbanes #1 Hit Single

Ok, here’s the song that we wrote with the people of Brisbane for radio station B105. It will be posted on iTunes tomorrow and all the proceeds of sales will go to the Royal Brisbane Childrens Hospital Appeal. Please purchase tomorrow. All guitars are Axe-FXed of course…

B105 play ‘My First Time’