IMA Jam Night

IMA Jam Night

IMA Jam Nights are a great way to get experience performing in front of a friendly, supportive audience of IMA Staff and clients.

What should I know?

That IMA Jam Nights are fun! You don’t have to be nervous or self-conscious as everyone in the audience and on stage are doing exactly what you are. Everyone involved are current or past clients of IMA, so don’t be shy! You can have a chat with anyone there, they’ll know what your talking about when it comes to performing for the first time in front of an audience.

You should be able to play along with a recording of the song you want to perform, without stopping.

Where is it held?

Upstairs from IMA Windsor, at 186 Albion Road Windsor. The entrance is at the far left hand side of the building.

How often do Jam Nights happen?

Once a month of the first Friday of every month.

How do I get started?

Check with your IMA Mentor and have them help you choose a piece that works for you. You get to choose two pieces from The IMA Jam Night songlist.

Once your mentor has confirmed your song, buy a performers ticket for the Jam Night you’re interested in attending.

Buy your performers ticket  at least a week before the Jam Night. Tickets close the Friday night before the jam night so that the IMA Band has enough time to learn your songs.

You might have some friends and family coming along, so make sure that they buy a a general ticket also. General tickets are available up to half an hour before the Jam Night starts.

Not ready to perform yet?

That’s ok! if you’re thinking of performing at an IMA Jam Night in future, come along and be part of the audience. You’ll get a feel for how the night goes and you can  be part of the fun and support our great IMA client performers.

See you there!


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