The Musical Hijackers play Britney’s Circus

So this was by far and away the most difficult one that we have had yet… play Britney Spears’ Circus as an 80s power pop ballad ala Foreigner or Aerosmith.

Why so difficult?


80’s power pop ballads are all about melody. Well obviously there are lyrics and chords there too but they always have a strong melody, which you desperately need when you are wailing away at a very slow majestic tempo.

Now the Britney fans out there who are super familiar with this particular tune may have noticed something… there is not a lot of melody in this song. In fact, vast swathes of this song contain only the one note… check out the chorus – it goes “all eyes on me in the centre of the ring just like a circus” and it is all one note right up to the word “circus”. Not a bad melody in the context of a pop/dance tune but as far as singing it all long notes at a slow tempo…. ye gods kill me now.

But fortunately we had our resident 80s guitar music expert Andrew present and he reharmonised it (changed the chords underneath) so that it was a bit more rock and then we tried our best…

(The bass player certainly could have tried a bit harder but at least you know now that we are live and unrehearsed!)

Enjoy our 80’s power ballad Britney!