Performance Workshop Review

Independent Music Academy Performance Workshop

Performance Workshop: Stage presence and beating nerves

Emma and I (Lauren Crick) had the pleasure of running a Performance Workshop in November. The workshop was divided into four different aspects of performance. Nerves, stage presence, microphone technique then followed by a performance masterclass. 

Performance Nerves

Participants learn about stage fright and how nerves can affect performance. We discussed ways to deal with anxiety and how to embrace adrenalin.

Stage Presence

We also discussed what audiences look for in a great performance. The importance of stage presence to the overall production was explained. Participants also discovered ways to build their individual stage persona. They learnt how to feel comfortable on stage. They also learnt how to move freely and master great stage presence. 
Independent Music Academy Performance Workshop

Performance Workshop: microphone technique


Microphone Technique

Microphone technique was the next area of focus. All participants had the opportunity to set up and start using a microphone. For some, this was their first time using a microphone. For others, it was a great way to explore proper microphone technique. It also provided the opportunity to better their sound and performance experience.

Performance Masterclass

The afternoon finally concluded with a Performance Masterclass. All participants were given the opportunity to jump up on stage to perform. They received constructive feedback from both myself and Emma. All participants did a wonderful job of taking advice on board. Therefore they were comfortable enough to workshop many areas of their performance. All participants were incredibly supportive. It was a great environment to improve performance techniques learnt throughout the day.
The Performance Workshop received extremely positive. Participants have asked for regular performance workshops, masterclasses and additional workshops!
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Written by Lauren Crick