Dweezil Zappa Interview in Mixdown Montlhy Australia

Dweezil Zappa interview

Click on the image above to read Dweezil talk about his upcoming projects and his use of the Axe-Fx and the Atomic Reactor Amp range.

Atomic Amps and Axe-FX’s have arrived

AxeFX in Australia

The latest shipment of Atomic Amps and Axe-FX’s have arrived at our Brisbane warehouse. We have both the Axe-FX ultra and standard models as well as the full range of Atomic Amps.

The new Atomic Amp range includes a 50w powered wedge as well as the 50w powered cabinet that we’ve been previously selling. Also, there’s a new passive range of cabs and wedges in stock as well.

Checkout http://www.fractalaudio.com.au for more details on the Axe-FX with sound files to listen to and download.

Have a look at Atomic Amps Studio Demo to hear the Atomic Reactor FR’s in action.

MHJ on b105 playing The Ian Carey Projects ‘Get Shaky’

Sadly we got a bit edited on this one (got bumped by a Hugh Jackman interview… oh the cheek!). A shame because the guitar solo was pretty cute.

Keep an eye out as we are aiming to get some visual content for our performances (we’re going to rerecord clean versions) and start posting them around.

If you would like to provide some visual content let us know!

And in the meantime enjoy getting shaky after school…

Musical Hijackers Play American Rejects Gives You Hell

heh heh heh. This was fun, Silas and Seamus showing that the music theatre world has little to fear from the All American Rejects musical…

Musical Hijackers play Taylor Swift’s – Love Story

Just shows how a well written song holds up against any tampering… even gob laden punk. (:

Beyonce’s Single Ladies

So this one went ok!

And it’s kinda amusing!

Can you believe it?

Soooo… please enjoy the marvellous Beyonce’s Single Ladies… Country Style!

Jessica Mauboy Burn in the style of the wiggles

Damn and blast it!

This was funny! It would have been a cracker!


We were running through a whole bunch of new gear and WE DIDN’T TURN IT UP LOUD ENOUGH.

I love learning about things like that live to air.

If you squint with your ears you’ll hear it though; Jessica Mauboy as performed by The Wiggles. Funny. (With thanks to Andrew as The Hijackers resident Wiggles expert…)

The Musical Hijackers play Pinks Please don’t leave me

We learnt some new and exciting things from this particular performance.

While I still find it amusing (though maybe a bit too long) and I feel proud for having been partially responsible for having something so odd air on B105, we learnt a lot here about what works on morning radio.

High (or at least reasonable) production values.

Confident sounding performances.


Please note that this particular performance contains NONE of these.

But it still makes me laugh…


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The Musical Hijackers play America’s Suitehearts

Could you ever imagine Fall Out Boy sounding so wholesome????

I doubt it… (: