IMA at the Mothers Day Classic

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IMA Mentors at the Mothers Day Classic


Thanks to everyone who ran to support the great cause behind the Mothers Day Classic.

This is our second year providing entertainment for the fun run and we’re very proud to be part of such a great cause. We had a great time playing for the thousands of people running past and hopefully giving them an extra bit of energy to get to then end.

We’re very proud to have mentors of such a high standard that we can put them up for any level of gig and know that they’ll able to do the gig exceedingly well.

The next time you’ll see them on stage will be at the IMA Winter concerts in June. Keep an eye on Independent Music Academy’s Facebook page for news and updates on upcoming events.

We’re playing at the Bridge to Brisbane 2013



Yep, we’re back. We’ll be motivating all the wonderful runners who are fundraising for charities at the Bridge to Brisbane again this year by playing LIVE MUSIC around the race track. Don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes.

The charity event is on Sunday the 1st of September. It costs $40 to enter the 10km or $35 for the 5km. There are prizes to be won and T-shirts for participants! Sign up by going to their website.

More info will be coming shortly, but for now, get a sneak peek of our staff performing at the Mother’s Day Classic fun run this year by clicking the picture below:


CLICK HERE to watch our staff playing at the Mother’s Day Classic!


The Winter Concerts!

CLICK to watch vocal student Breanne Carr rocking out with the IMA Band at the Beetle Bar

To sum up – these concerts were, without a doubt, one of the the most impressive concert series we have had to date. Our participating clients were outstanding performers, wowing the audience and the IMA staff with their impressive talents.

Across the two concerts, we had clients perform as vocalists and on a multitude of instruments. We even had the pleasure of seeing many vocalists accompany themselves on an instrument, and even a father-son duo!

We would like to congratulate and thank all of the clients who performed on the day for their incredibly entertaining performances. For many, it is amazing to have seen the progress from previous concert performances. For others, it was inspiring to see the confident musician emerge on stage for the first time.

Thank you also to the staff who participated in the running of the concerts and those who played in the IMA band. There were A LOT of songs to learn and the staff took many hours out of their free time to transcribe and learn all the songs so our fabulous clients could have the opportunity to perform.

And, of course, the venues (The Ascot Club and The Beetle Bar) were very kind in allowing us to hold the concerts there, and we are very grateful for the sound technicians who made the performances possible.

For those of you who missed out, there are some videos on our YouTube account (and more to come) of some of the spectacular performances. Click the picture above to view one of our vocal clients or go to our YouTube page to see more videos.



IMA Winter Concerts

It’s that time of year again and we are very excited to have our clients perform for our 2013 Winter Concerts.

We would like to announce the dates and locations for the 2013 Winter Concerts:


Under 18’s:

Over 18’s:


Rehearsals will be held the Saturday before each concert at IMA, Windsor.

The Independent Music Academy Concerts are held twice a year during Winter and Summer. The concerts give our clients the opportunity to get up on stage in front of a very safe and encouraging audience, allowing them to play for their family and friends with  the support of a backing band in a local venue.

IMA playing at the B105 Pub Trivia

IMA playing at the B105 Pub Trivia

We are so excited to be working with B105 again for the Labby, Stav & Abby $10,000 Pub Trivia this Thursday, May 9 at McGuire’s Calamvale Hotel!

B105 has decided to give away $10,000 to the team with the highest score on the quiz. To get invited to participate in the quiz, listen to the Breakfast Show from 6 – 9 am each morning this week.

Staff from IMA will be performing the songs from the trivia questions in the final round. Local band “Sheppard” will also be playing on the night.

For more information, visit the B105 website here.

B105 Pub Trivia

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Alternatively, call us on 3852 1116 and we can schedule in your first, free lesson over the phone.


Independent Music Academy is proud to be supporting the Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic, the major fundraising event for breast cancer research in Australia. Staff from Independent Music Academy will be supplying live music for runners throughout the event on May 12th.


image “We love using our skills to give back to the community,” said Seamus Kirkpatrick co-director of Independent Music. “In the past we have done extensive work with the B105 Christmas Appeal and the Bridge To Brisbane. It’s wonderful to be able to offer our support to The Mother’s Day Classical”.


“It’s unusual to get up so early and play for runners, but the runners love it. There’s nothing like live music to get you pumped and running your best. And our staff love getting the chance to play too, they’re all incredible musicians and always have a ball.”


Since Independent Music Academy opened its doors in 2003 it has been a high profile and quality education provider for both adults and children. Independent Music has two studios – one at Windsor and one at Mitchelton where they provide individual tuition in Voice, Guitar, Piano, Woodwind, Violin, Bass Guitar and Drums.


The Women in Super Mother’s Day Classic has been held on Mother’s day for more than 15 years and aims to raise funds and awareness for breast cancer research in Australia. People are are able to support the event by raising funds as a participant in the fun run or walk. The event is one of Australia’s biggest national charity events raising 14.8 million dollars since 1998. Each year it is held at major cities across the country with a total of125,000 participants in 2012.


Three bands from the Independent Music Academy will be performing on the day, including The Bus Band, Three Over None and an acoustic duo, Hummingbird. The bands will be located on Riverside Drive in West End, Kurilpa Park in South Brisbane and the South Bank Cultural Forecourt from 7.30 am – 10.00 am. More information can be found at and


Independent Music Academy is a leading private music school formed in 1996. It has locations at Windsor and Mitchelton and offers tuition in vocals, guitar, piano, bass, drums, strings, brass and woodwind.

Settling into Windsor

Settling into Windsor

Our first month at our new Windsor location has been fantastic as all our clients and staff settle into the brand new premises, and the place is looking great as all the final touches are being made.

Our brightly decorated rooms are now each fitted with new mixers and stereo systems so we can all enjoy crisp, high-quality music and sound in the lessons.

We are very happy that the community vibe from Bowen Hills has been preserved at our new location, with our staff and clients hanging out, having a laugh, contemplating the mysteries and wonders of music, and harrassing our admin staff (all in good fun, of course!)

We would like to thank Shane and his team at Cre8 Sound Design who have made enormous efforts with fitting out the new shop. They’ve done a fabulous job, don’t you think?

To book a free, no-obligation lesson trial lesson with one of our mentors in guitar, vocals, bass guitar, piano, drums, woodwind or violin, just fill out this form and we’ll get back to you very shortly!

Alternatively, call us on 3852 1116 and we can schedule in your first, free lesson over the phone.

Music Tips from the Staff at IMA

At Independent Music Academy, our mentors have very strong teaching philosophies, and we want to see our students continually develop and progress in order to reach their musical goals.

We are excited to announce that we will be giving weekly music tips to motivate and inspire all music learners. Follow us on Pinterest by clicking here to keep updated with all the latest tips!

Check out some of our tips below:














Screen Shot 2013-04-05 at 9.52.34 PM

It’s Never Too Late! Why You Should Take Music Lessons As An Adult.

It’s a common misconception that after reaching a certain age, we become ‘too old’ to learn an instrument. Why? Because society tells us so. Because research tells us so. Because some music teachers tell us so. But let’s get this straight.





If I still haven’t convinced you, let me share some of my personal experiences with you. Of all my students, past and present, around half were above the age of 18. Around a quarter were over the age of 30. Some have been in their 60’s. Of these students, I’ve seen them learn to play their favourite songs, learn to read, learn to improvise, play the blues, rip out solos, sit examinations, write their own songs and gig around town. But most importantly, these students have not once demonstrated that they are less capable of learning or enjoying music than any of my children students. In fact, a lot of them felt comfortable with an instrument much quicker.


One of my favourite quotes is from the wonderful jazz pianist, Kenny Werner: “If you can talk, you can play.” There is no age limit on learning music – there are no boundaries at all. At the end of day, music is an expressive and joyful part of life, and everybody can, and should, play music.


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