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Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Guitar Lessons Brisbane

Why Guitar Lessons?

Playing Guitar should be simple and easy. Guitar lessons at IMA help you to learn to play the Guitar the quickest and simplest way possible.

I want to learn to play my favourite songs - just chords is fine with me.

Simply playing chords of your favourite songs is achievable by anyone. You won't need to practice for hours every day to achieve it. Just pick up your Guitar a few times a week and play the music you love!

During your first free Guitar lesson at IMA, make sure you let your Mentor know what music you want to learn to play and they can help you to learn all the chords you will need to know - as well as an excellent basic Guitar technique, including left hand position, how to hold a pick and strumming patterns.

I want to improve my soloing and improvising and learn to read TAB.

Your Guitar lessons will need to include some theory - covering various scales and modes that are important for whatever style of music it is that you want to learn to play. Your Guitar lessons might cover Pentatonic scales and popular modes like Mixolydian, Phrygian and Dorian.

Exactly what needs to be covered and what your priorities will be during your Guitar lessons will depend on what styles you are interested in - Rock, Metal, Jazz, Funk, Country or Blues (of course your lessons will still cover what you need to have an excellent foundational technique on the Guitar).

TAB on the internet can be wrong sometimes and you will need to learn to transcribe so that you can be sure that the TAB you are playing is correct.

You will need to do a bit more work outside your Guitar lessons, probably a bit of playing every day or every other day, so that you can incorporate all your new musical knowledge into your Guitar playing.

Make sure that during your first free Guitar lesson you discuss with your Mentor where you play the Guitar (maybe you play in band or with mates for fun?) and how good you want to be.

Also during your first free Guitar lesson make sure you discuss the styles of playing that you are interested in and the styles of music that you are playing now.

I'm looking for the ultimate Guitar Lesson. I want to be able to play like Satriani, Van Halen, Hendrix etc....

Well the news for you is all good.

You can learn to play like those Guitarists. Whether you're more interested in playing Pantera or Tommy Emmanual - virtuosic Guitar playing is achievable by everyone.

You just need to be committed and put in the daily time. Your Mentor will make sure that you don't waste time with techniques you don't need and they have all the information that you need to learn speed picking, sweep picking, tapping... and just about anything else you can think of that you need to learn to shred!

Just make sure that during your first free Guitar lesson, you let your Mentor know that you want to learn to play like the greats - in your Guitar lessons they will help you to structure your practice time, to have an excellent understanding of your gear and playing techniques. They will help you develop your aural skills, teach you the theory you need and help your focus so that you can learn to play Guitar like the masters

Who will you have your Guitar Lesson with?

Andrew Farnham is the head of our Guitar department at IMA. He is one of the best Guitarists in Brisbane, he can play pretty much anything and has broad taste in music, you'll find he's a fan of Satriani, Robert Johnson, Jimmy Page, Chet Atkins, Angus Young, George Benson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Bill Frisell... the list goes on.

He has hand picked local Guitarists and personally trained them until he feels that they are ready to give Guitar lessons at IMA.

Check out Andrew's playing in the videos located around our site and at YouTube.

If you're ready for a great Guitar lesson - one designed exactly to suit your needs - give us a call on 3852 1116 or head over to our contact page and send us your details - we'll organise a free, obligation free Guitar lesson for you.

Don't put it off, claim your Free Introductory Guitar Lesson now.

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